Wednesday, 17 September 2008

REVIEW: Playback Theatre

Playback Theatre
Random Acts Theatre Company

This interactive theatre experience could have gone either way, but I found it unique and intriguing. The premise is that the audience provide the material; they are encouraged to tell everyday stories which the actors then use for improvisations in various styles, using no props but coloured scarves and musical instruments. It's a prime exposition of how the ordinary can become art and how no experience is unworthy of dramatic exploration, and seeing my narrative come to life through the bodies of others was an unexpectedly cathartic experience. Director Tig Land created a warm and relaxed environment in which the audience willingly shared and actors sensitively drew out the essence of each story. Simple but different, and perfect for the Fringe.

Diverse Attractions, 4 - 9 Aug, 3.30pm (4.30pm), £6.00 (£5.00), fpp 224
tw rating: 3/5

published: Aug-2008 for Three Weeks newspaper at the Edinburgh Festival

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