Wednesday, 17 September 2008

REVIEW: Musical Of Musicals - The Musical

Musical Of Musicals - The Musical

As the title not-so-subtly suggests, musical theatre is both subject matter and style for this creative and deftly executed production. The same basic plot was filtered through five musical styles, with four performers showing great versatility and consciousness of the show's purpose throughout. The writing is astute satire packed with specific references, but its niche is also its flaw - although it allowed the cast to demonstrate their ability, the material would only be consistently relevant and funny to the most knowledgeable musical theatre buff. The Andrew Lloyd Webber parody was predictably the most well received, while Jerry Herman seemed lost on most of the audience, and I'm not sure many appreciated the brilliance of the Sondheim send-up.

C too, 17 - 25 Aug, 6.10pm (7.30pm), prices vary, fpp 175
tw rating: 3/5

published: Aug-2008 for Three Weeks newspaper at the Edinburgh Festival

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