Sunday, 7 September 2008

REVIEW: After Liverpool

After Liverpool
Quick Thrill Productions

What do you talk about when there’s nothing left to say? An ensemble of six versatile actors seamlessly switched partners to depict a series of couples struggling to communicate with words and bodies. They captured the humour of cyclical bickering with flair, as well as the darker note of lingering doubt as to whether we ever truly know someone. There were moments of laugh-out loud comedy and of powerful intensity, especially in the monologues, but as a collection of scenes this play doesn’t allow for a huge amount of development, which led me to share the characters’ frustration that something wasn’t quite getting through. I felt the actors had even more to give, though, and that the show will develop well over its run.

C soco, 30 Jul – 25 Aug, 6.25pm (7.15pm), prices vary, fpp 180
tw rating: 3/5

published: Aug-2008 for Three Weeks newspaper at the Edinburgh Festival

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